Rabbit pop-ups – Wave

By Sigi Van den Borre

The Rabbit pop-ups from wave are personally my favorite pop-ups. The color of the pop up, orange has never let me down.

I usually go fishing on a river in Belgium. I’ve always caught beautiful carp with it. I make a knotless knot rig and combinate the pop up with a boillie like a snowman.

The buoyancy of the pop-up is excellent! I prefer to use as small a bait as possible, a 16 mm boillie with a 12 mm Rabbit pop-up, a 20 mm boillie and a 12 mm pop-up.

They are pop-ups with a good structure and the buoyancy will never let you down.
On big lakes and large waters where i fish for the first time and i am not sure which bait the carp will like there, i also use the Rabbit pop-up. I have always had to search for a long time what bait to use when i arrive at a new water or lake.

Since I used the Rabbit pop-ups from Wave i have never blanked on a new water or lake.
You can also fish for a long time with the pop-up. If it is fishing on a dressage water where you have to spend no less than five to six hours in your fishing rod before you catch a fish, the pop up is not damaged yet.
I also think it is a pop-up that you can fish with in any season.
The scent is good for both summer and winter.

The Rabbit pop-ups from Wave have never let me down, i’ve caught a couple of 15+ kg carp in recent weeks.
I am very satisfied with it and I will always fish with confidence!

Sigi Van den Borre – Team Carpcrossing Girls