Session of a lifetime

By Lauren Stanford

Session of a lifetime – Berners Hall Fishery

Arriving at the lake in the late morning, I took a walk round the 24 acre lake seeing if I could spot any fish. With only seeing a couple bosh out nearby the island, I got the gear out the car and got set up. First thing I did was get my rod out to feel around on the bottom to find any clear spots. With 75% of my swim being weedy I managed to find a clear spot around 6ft wide. I made up a mix of Nash scopex squid boilies, scopex squid liquid and Monster Particle Tier One mix and spodded 20 spods onto my clear spot. Got both my rods out on the spot with Ronnie rigs and different colour pop ups on each rod. One on a pink and one on a white.

carpfishing girl

After waiting a couple of hours I had a few beeps on my left hand rod and within seconds it tore off, and after a 15 minute fight I managed to land this absolute stunner of a mirror which at the time was a personal best mirror carp. 

After returning that beaut, I spodded out another 6 spods onto the spot. Whilst sitting in the bivvy and putting the kettle on, whilst my boyfriend quickly popped to the shop, I was watching the fish starting to show on my spot. It didn’t take much longer and my right hand rod ripped off, and when the fish was getting closer to my net, I see the shoulders breaking the surface and I knew it was most likely a Pb! I was so unsure on what to do as I’ve never fished alone before but when I managed to get it in the net I was over the moon! I see him walking up the bank and I threw my hands in the sky and that’s when he knew I had a fish in the net… he ran over and noticed the fish straight away. It had an unusual but pretty look to it as the fins all had white around them. 

Catfish girl

Luckily I had the privilege to name this fish, and we named it ‘white tips’.

There wasn’t much action after this, I went throughout the night with one bite but unfortunately lost it. And after mega winds and rain, early that morning I had a run, and as I ran out I actually slipped straight over (lol). But unfortunately lost that again to the weed.

I thought that was going to be the end of my session but I had an absolutely screaming take and as soon as I struck the rod I knew it wasn’t a carp. It was definitely one of the 14 catfish in the lake. I was shaking with excitement knowing I’d never caught one before!

carpcroosing girls

I wasn’t taking any chances so my boyfriend grabbed the boat and we went straight out in it whilst I was playing the fish. After it taking us around a third of the lake and a 55 minute fight I landed this chunk of a 55lb catfish. 

In my eyes this was a session of a lifetime! Personal best mirror, common and catfish!!

Thanks for reading! Tight lines.

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Lauren Stanford – Team Carpcrossing Girls