I recently made one of my dreams and went to the South of France for carp. I had 14 days in the wild on the water that I only knew about. It was a great challenge for me. I wished to catch 20+ carp in my mind. Later I laughed at it, but I’m already ahead of it.

The journey was long and challenging. When we reached the water just before dawn early in the morning, I stopped where we were later, was it an instinct? Fate. After dawn we settled the allowances and set out to map the lake. It is beautiful, nature is completely different here and the scenery is cut out of the catalog. I was surprised by the full water level, which usually does not happen in the autumn. It is decided, we choose a shallower part of the lake with a depth of up to 15 m. At noon we are already putting things off the boat on the other side of this beautiful huge water.

The weather so far wishes us, the sun is shining so we unpack all equipment. I’m going to sleep in the evening, I’m totally tired of a difficult journey without sleep. In the morning I wake up to the next beautiful day and go for a ride in the rods, for I have nowhere to hurry when I have 14 days to go. The places I fed a few balls of boilies and laid the mounts. In the evening, the first swallow, 13 kg carp and two smaller ones up to 10 kg, come with rain and cooling. The rain does not stop, literally pouring. We have to move in the next two days, the level has risen due to heavy rain, and more than a meter, I stood up for fear the next night, if it washed out, it stopped at the bivouac border. At last it stopped raining, it just drizzes here, so we move and all over again.

I say, in the original place the fish took, although smaller, but I enjoy every shot. The bottom was rugged, the pity we had to move. In addition, such a steep rise in level doesn’t bode well. However, if the water still rises, we should have a floating pontoon instead of bivouacs. Inspecting a new place and mapping water brings disappointment, the bottom is like a pancake, no lumps or benches, just stumps that later give me a pretty hard time. I’m trying to free the anchor from the anchor, but unfortunately at such depth it is sometimes beyond my strength. I’m not being discouraged and sacrificing this place for a few days. It is always possible to move somewhere else. But finally there is nowhere to go. Enduro Carp started, races, the whole lake is under siege, we are lucky that the place where we hunt is not marked as their fishing spot, otherwise we would have to move again. We’ll have to go through the weekly races. Since I know that crossing the water is also unrealistic.

Above expectations everything turned out great. The races didn’t threaten me. And despite all the complications, during the races I beat 3x 20+ and one 32 kg monster. G2 and Cunning Clam again proved their carp irresistibility. The fishermen fishing on the opposite bank watched in disbelief as carp drove me on a boat. The fish clung to the bottom, praying not to end up in a tie in one of the stumps. I told myself either he was a big catfish, or he was one of the local Mohicans. After about 15 minutes of playing, he slowly washed up to the surface when I first saw him, I did not believe my eyes. He was a huge, gorgeous coot, his mouth clean, no sign of a hook. My heart was beating, I was completely shocked, I didn’t even realize what treasure I was able to catch.

And then there was another problem, I couldn’t pick it up 😀 The carp stayed in the water in the landing net and I paddled back at the speed of the snail. After a few pictures and a short video, the carp is leaving and only a blissful feeling of satisfaction with the bruises remains on my hands.

Enduro Carp ended, the fishermen left and took revenge on the garbage thrown on the car. However, it could have been worse, the garbage is being cleaned up, and fortunately no damage has been done on the wagon, but the anger and envy of the fishermen, even when it is a woman, amazes me.

The time of departure is coming, so I play around with the idea whether we will stay for a week, the weather is going to go wrong reporting 3 days of rain and packing in the rain, like last time in France, I never want to experience it again. Decided, we stay. I extend my trip to three weeks. I spend the next days crawling by watching from the bivouac as it rains, it’s endless, not and don’t stop. Everything is soaked, with little sleep and fatigue. There are plenty of snails and other vermin everywhere, when I sometimes wonder how I look forward to home.

However, the fish are still in taste. During the expedition, I caught a lot of smaller fish in the range of 13-18 kg and finally comes the shot of the fourth carp 20+ kg. Well, isn’t it beautiful?

3 weeks in France, four fish over 20 kg, one 30+, a dream I never dreamed of. Literally a dream design. In vain, the lake is not called the Devil’s Lake.

The expedition is slowly coming to an end, it is the end of October and the temperatures are heading to 30 ° C, enjoying the last warm days of the year and slowly packing. Even a few days ago I was looking forward to home, but now it’s the other way around when I see what awaits me at home. Cold and gloomy weather and everyday hustle and bustle, but unfortunately, everything ends and something new begins. So I have no choice but to look forward to the next expedition. After 20 hours we arrive at home. Again, exhausted. I fall asleep with a wonderful feeling, because such moments only occur to a man, perhaps once in a lifetime. So fishermen, treat fish fairly, once they could swim in our waters, and we wouldn’t have to leave hundreds of miles away. I wish every decent fisherman to complain about such a gem. Let it go 😉 www.catchandrelease.cz Klára