Goal 2019 – Check

– By Barbara Holzmann

Late but still. Last week holiday this year was coming up for me, so it was clear that we drive tot he water. We are writing the month of September and autumn was approaching in big steps.

After an hour by car we arrived at the lake. The weather was a real autumn day. Wind and drizzle all day long. The spot search with the boat was not easy. As soon as we had found a Top spot, the wind drove us meters away. The time flew by until we found six spots and fed them.

We have been to this lake several times and knew that it is not easy here.  Unfortunately we didn’t know the soil structure here and the weed growth was extreme at this place. Two rods I could throw and one I had to take out with the baitboat, because the spot was too far outside. The waves that the wind made were also a challenge for my baitboat. I was happy how all the rods were outside and I could finally pull away from the wind and rain.

The night was coming. As soon as it became dark, the wind and the rain were finally over. I was really looking forward to the next day, because the weather forecast predicted sun and 20 degrees Celsius. At 11:00 p. m. the first rod ran out. I was so happy. The first fish of the session and one with 32 pounds.

After the fish was supplied and released again, I drove with the baitboat back to the spot. The night was wonderful.  No wind and the sky full of stars and we were able to catch many carp. The night was a complete success.  In spite of the bad conditions the day before, we found the perfect spots.

At 6 a. m. in the morning the next rod ran off. I picked up the rod and the fish took off the reel meter by meter. I couldn’t say what kind of fish it was for a long time, but I knew it was big. Good that we were alone at the lake, because the fish came off almost the whole lake. After more than half an hour I saw him for the first time. All I saw was the dorsal fin. That’s when I got nervous for the first time and my knees was trembled. Finally a black Amur. My target fish was in the net. I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited. He weighed 19 pounds. The session was a complete success. After the fish pulled back and forth I had to lay out all the rods again.

Two were again thrown with a PVA Bag and the third came out again with the baitboat and then I first made myself a good cup of coffee and let the last hours pass in review again.

The day was wonderful. We enjoy the weather to the fullest. The fish were unfortunately not in a biting mood during the day but we knew that we would have full success again at night. After Last night, we rested underground. Shortly before it became dark we prepared everything again. The rods were again perfectly put down and so we caught many fish from hour by hour. Altogether I could catch 4 black Amur. Always in the same place. With this place I had a good feeling from the beginning at the Session and this was confirmed to me also several times. It was a pity that the three days passed so quickly, but they were wonderful and extremely successfull.

Yours Babs – Team Carpcrossing Girls